Youth Ministry

​We, the Youth of Morning Star Freewill Baptist Church, invite you to participate in any of our services. Sunday School begins at 9:30 a.m. Our morning service begins at 11:00 a.m. and the evening service begins at 3:30 p.m.

Having personally experienced the love of God and the saving power of Jesus Christ, we want to share our renewed faith with other young people, that they may also know, love and serve God.

We want other Christian youth to know the richness of our heritage. Many young people treat their faith as a cultural by-product. They say it's part of of my background. But of course it's more than that!

We want to share with them the joy of being a Christian. We want them to understand our faith. But more than just teaching doctrine, we show them a way of life that they can live.

Lay people are increasingly being called on to "build the Church." We feel that we have a lot to offer, many gifts to share. This is the time for the lay faithful to actively share in the Church's evangelistic spirit and mission.

Being a lay movement also helps us to reach out to young people more credibly. They know we're not doing this "because we're ministers or Religious." And so they relate to us more openly and candidly.

Who can best reach the young? The young, of course. We know their hang-ups and fears. We can speak their language, sing their songs, and play their games. We can go where they go. Be where they are. Because we're young.

Statement of Our Vision

Morning Star's youth have a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ, We participate actively in the life and mission of the Church, and we increasingly become agents of social transformation.

Our vision is spelled out in (what we may summarize as) "the 4 C's":

Conversion: The young person makes a personal commitment to Christ entering into a new relationship with Him, and making a decision to continue knowing, loving and serving God.

Community: The person participates more actively in the life and mission of the Church. He/She also learns the importance of -- and thus commits himself/herself to be part of -- smaller communities in which there is mutual care, support, and opportunity to serve.

Character: The person receives ongoing, formative courses, helping him/her to understand our faith and to be more effective for service.

Commission: The person is "sent out" to bear witness to the Gospel by word and example.

What is our Mission?

1. We want to bring other young people into a living relationship with God.

2. We want to bring them into a deeper commitment to the Church. We want to see them forge committed relationships with other Christian men and women.

3. We want to help them mature in their Christian life and character, so that they can affect their peers, homes and environments.

4. Most of all, we want to train them for service in youth evangelization, leadership development, and other forms of evangelistic work in the broader society.


Youth are very close to my heart in my pastoral service to the Church. I believe that young people of today should be guided into a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ because they will be the Church of tomorrow.

A lot of young people today need guidance, love and compassion. Most of them are looking for a model and an ideal to follow. Christ is the perfect model, and living a life of love shared with others as Christ did is the greatest ideal that they can follow.

Young people of today need other young people who would share Christ with them. Here at Morning Star, our Youth in Action has been doing this in their active witnessing and evangelization. As Pastor, I personally recommend Morning Star's Youth in Action to all young people.

All Things Are Possible to Him That Believeth!

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