Pastor's Vision and Future

 The Vision of Morning Star Freewill Baptist Church and its members was to be, "not just another Church, but a different Church." Let us explain.  

Where would we meet and worship?

Three very important questions came up as we began to consider building. Do we build? Where do we build? Do we buy a storefront and dedicate it as a church?

It was an opportunity to step out on Faith, a time of change, a time for Morning Star a time to get to "True Worship", not routine. God is going to give us a new, modern Worship Center at little or no cost. New Beginnings, through Jesus Christ will change lives in Chicago, Harvey, and beyond.  

Will our church fulfill God's purpose (telling and proclaiming that through Morning Star in JESUS the World might be saved)? We want to be a Church that will be in the public/community eye. Where God could be God and touch/change peoples' lives!  

God is giving Morning Star a chance, an opportunity to step out on faith (like Abraham and Moses), to be righteous instead of religious, and alive instead of dead. We will have to step out on Faith, as Abraham, as Moses.

Our call from God was not based on "emotion or nostalgia", it is based on a call, a vision from God to NOT be just another Baptist Church, but be different!! Set apart for serving God! It was strictly based on "a Vision", on doing God's work. So together let's begin the new work. 

Our first obstacles were: (1) where do we meet and (2) where is the money going to come from? In Scripture, both Moses and the children of Israel left Egypt for the Promised Land, God provided them with blessings. So God provided and blessed each congregation.

God blessed Morning Star with an energetic young pastor, Elder David L. Brown who will help lead His congregation into a building love program. Morning Star will become energized, grow close together, seek God's face and become renewed. Many families will become involved that has never been involved. The Holy Spirit is at work and many people will come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Morning Star Church will be live and an organism! No routine, no stale worship. Praise God! Isn't God good? 

He'll bless our congregation by providing "manna" to pay the bills, to support our pastor and do God's work.  

Morning Star Church

Why? Because this fellowship of believers had stepped out on "Faith" to follow a vision God had given them to start Morning Star. We stepped out with no money, only "HIS VISION".

As you can see, God will be at work!!! God gives his people a vision, a vision you may now share, a vision of which you can be a part. Is he working in your life? We encourage you to be active, energized, committed in your daily walk with Jesus Christ. We also encourage you to be active, energized, and committed in your service to Jesus through Morning Star, a local Bible-Believing Church. If you are led by the Holy Spirit and live in the Jacksonville area, we would like you to consider joining us in this Vision. 

According to the Bible, God has given you spiritual gifts and talents to be used in His service. If you don't know what gifts you possess, ask God. He will help you. But most of all find them. Use them in God's service! The walk of Faith is often a very bumpy road; fun, fellowship, enjoyment, but sometimes it can be disappointment, sorrow, and discouragement. Walk by Faith, not by appearances or circumstances! May we Minister to you, you minister to us!! May we continually Love one another and strive to be in "one accord". We thank God for the opportunity to share with you "HIS VISION". 

All Things Are Possible to Him That Believeth!

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