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Morning Star Freewill Baptist Church
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Elder David L. Brown, Pastor
Sermons By Pastor Brown
11:00 a.m Service 

It is always my prayer that the Holy Ghost works through my sermons and teachings to unite and uplift everyone, change lives, 
and speak to your heart. If I can help just one somebody as I travel along this Christian journey then my living will not be in vain. 

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You Are God's Masterpiece! 2/14/21
The Black Church! 2/21/21
What's Love Got To Do With It?  3/7/21
Plenty Good Room! Luke 13:31-35- Feb. 7
How To Hear God's Voice! Jan. 24
Who Is Jesus? Part 4 - 
What Does Jesus Expect From Us! Jan. 3
Godly Anger! James 1:19, 20 Jan. 10
We Have a Blessed Assurance!  3/14/21
Water Baptism:
 A Bible Study!  3/28/21
Easter Promises of Emptiness!  4/4/21
Spring Forth Spring: 
Moving Froward 
Hebrews 11:1-4
More Than Conquerors
Romans 8:28-39
How to Treat Mothers
1 Timothy 5:1-2
Faith Without Works is Dead!
James 2:14-26
 You Don't Have to be Perfect
for God to Use You!
Joshua 2:1-4; Joshua 2:12-14
 Worldly Wisdom or 
Godly Wisdom
1st Cor. 2:1-16

Go After Your Son!
Luke 15:11-32

A Call For Dependence
Psaslms 33:10-22

The Touch of Faith!
Mark 5:24-34

Here Comes the Groom!
Matthew 25:1-13

Put the Right Things First!
Matthew 6:25-34

If Money Talks, 
What Does it Say?
Matthew 16:26; Malachi 3:8