Praise Team Ministry

​On behalf of our Pastor and our entire church family we, the Praise Team, invites you to worship with us in any of our Spirit filled Services. 

What's the difference between worship and praise? 

Praise is external; it's what we do. Praise is celebration! Worship is internal; it's how we feel. 

Praise is singing the song; worship is making melody in your heart to God. Praise is the lifting of the hands; Worship is the lifting of your heart. Praise is a loud "Amen;" Worship is a personal affirmation of the truth. 

Worship and Praise are like INPUT and OUTPUT. Worship is the inner recognition, is recognizing on the inside that you have received God's blessings. In a worship service we give INPUT, we are reminded of the wonderful grace of Jesus. 

Praise is the OUTPUT; it is the outward response to what we feel on the inside. It's like breathing in and breathing out. If we try to hold it in, we will burst! It's like Fire Shut up in my bones. 

Reasons for Celebration Worship.

Why do we come to church and sing those songs? Why do we pray those prayers? Why do we do the things we do when we gather together? We do those things for the same reason the lame man leaped, jumped and praised God after his healing. We celebrate in worship because of what God has done. We praise God for what He is doing. We praise god for what He will do. 

1. We Celebrate because of where we were Yesterday.

First, realize that the lame man was in a desperate condition before he encountered God's grace.

Think of what life was like for him. He never walked. He never ran. 

He never played a pick-up game of basketball. He never rode a bicycle. He was confined to one place and absolutely dependent on others. 

I don't know about you, but I realize that I was in a far more desperate condition before I knew God's grace. 

I may not have been physically handicapped, but I was spiritually handicapped. 

How wonderful is His love." How excellent is His grace. His Grace! His Grace

2. We Celebrate because of where we are Today.

Where we are today is not perfection. We have not made it. God is still working on us. But when I look back. Everybody look back. Now say, that's where He brought me from.

We are so blessed to be where are. We are part of God's family, The Royal family. We are a part of His body. We are a part His blood bought church.  

We have His Spirit within us. We have His Word before us. We have His people around us. No matter what happens, we are richly blessed.

3. We Celebrate because of where we will be Tomorrow.

Being a Christian is not just about the here and now. It is about the there and then, eternity. Ours is an eternity of joy in God's presence. Let's leap! Let's praise! We have many reasons to celebrate! When I think about God's Goodness and all He's done for me, my soul cries out Hallelujah. Shout Glory.

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