Pastor's Ministry Vision

The Word of God
I envision all of our people constantly growing in their knowledge of the Bible. I envision a church that continually equips people to be effective Christians. 

God's Worthiness
I envision each of our believers continually aware of God's presence and passionately responding to God with all that they are and all that they have. I also see this fervent pursuit of God in private and corporate worship clearly reflecting His worth and glory to the watching world. 

People's Eternal Destiny
I envision and entire church family having a personal relationship with Christ and being equipped to share their faith weekly using different methods and using individual styles that each Christian possesses. I envision 100 people receiving eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. 

Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus Christ
I envision a church bringing people to Jesus Christ and membership in His family, developing them to Christ-like maturity, identifying spiritual giftedness, and equipping them for their ministry in the church and their life mission in the world, in order to magnify God's name. 

Personal and Corporate Prayer
I envision every person, small group, and our entire church body united together in fervent and ongoing prayer. I see our church embracing the attitude of total dependence on God for the advancement of His Kingdom and for His blessing and power upon our local and worldwide ministry.

Authentic Christian Relationships
I envision a caring community of believers that spontaneously and lovingly responds to every individual's spiritual and physical needs. This visible support will lead to authentic friendships that encourage, build up, and create a strong sense of belonging. 

God's Design for the Family
I envision our people understanding and committed to the fulfillment of Biblical roles within the immediate and extended family. I see our church responsible for nurturing healthy families, rebuilding damaged marriages, and restoring families in conflict. 

Christian Freedom and Grace
I envision a church where God's grace is understood and extended toward every person. I see a place where people are free to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ based on Biblical principles rather that man-made external rules. 

Building Bridges to People
I cherish the opportunity to build caring relationships and vital ministries to you and your family. I refer to those relationships and ministries as "Building Bridges to People". You might ask, "Why are you building bridges to us?" Our motivation is simply because you genuinely matter to God and us. 

I greatly desire to be your support system in this area. When life knocks the props out from under you, I will be there for you. You will discover that we will build bridges from our hearts to your heart. Over these heart-bridges will come God's love and my love for you.

Our Church and I can serve as a spiritual home base for you and your family. We will offer ministry areas you can plug into with your spiritual gifts and talents. The church staff and I will gladly assist you in finding a place of service. In addition, you will experience having your life and the lives of your family members touched by the gifts and talents of the Christians in this spiritual family. 

Our Church congregation gathers here in the brick buildings throughout the week. Then we scatter throughout the community to build bridges to others. We would be delighted if you joined us in this BIG VISION! 

All Things Are Possible To Him That Believeth!

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