Our Challenge To You

We Challenge You To:

Stay With God:

All of God's blessings are always and only a matter of grace (Isa.55:1-2).

Only those who heed God's Word will find satisfaction for their spiritual longings (vs. 3).

You must not put off repentance, for the opportunity to repent can end abruptly (vs. 6).

One cannot turn to God while still clinging to his wicked ways and thoughts; such so-called repentance is a sham (vs. 7).

The ways and thoughts of man are so far removed from God that they must be completely forsaken if you are to enjoy His fellowship (vss. 8-9)

If seeing God's will fulfilled is truly your desire, the Word of God will be central to your life and ministries (Isa. 55:10-11; cf. 11 Tim. 3:16-17).

Take Steps to True Obedience:

It is incumbent upon all God's children to know and keep His statutes (Deut. 6:1-2).

The depth of your love for God is measured by your obedience (Deut. 6:3; cf. John 14:15).

We serve the living God, and He cares about us (Deut. 6:4).

You must seek to grow in your love for God and His Word (vss. 5-6).

 Parents should teach their children to know God and the beauty of His Word (vss. 7-9).

Every believer has a meaningful testimony to pass along (vss. 20-22).

God provides for your needs (vs. 23).

There will be a very great reward for those who remain obedient (vs. 24).

Listen To Wisdom:

You should so treasure godly wisdom that you diligently strive to obtain it (Prov. 2:1-5).

Wisdom from God is reserved for those who live righteous lives (vss. 6-7).

True wisdom is exemplified not by academic accomplishments but by holy living (Prov. 2:7-9; cf. Jas. 3:17-18).

When you learn to consistently apply the wisdom of God's Word to your life, you will not follow the wicked (Prov. 2:10-12).

Don't turn from the wisdom of God. This will set you on a downward path to corruption (vss. 13-15).

Set goals of God's instruction to permanently change your life for your good and His glory (Vs. 20).

Be Fruitful Christians:

We must recognize our absolute dependence upon the true Vine, Jesus Christ, for life and spiritual fruitfulness (John 15-.1-2).

We can be fruitful Christians only as we remain secured to the true Vine (vss. 3-5).

A fruitless life is a useless life (vs. 6).

Answered prayer should be the norm for the Christian (vss. 7-8).

Love for Christ cannot be separate' from obedience to Him (vss. 9-10).

Remaining with Christ brings joy as well as much fruit (vs.11).

Love is essential to our relationship with Christ and with one another (vss. 12-13).

Your relationship to Christ is personal; He is not only your Lord but also your Friend (vss. 14-16).

Love is the greatest fruit you can bear 
(John 15:17; cf. I Cor. 13:13).

All Things Are Possible To Him That Believeth!

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