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​We, the Nurses, encourage you to visit us at any of our Holy Ghost filled, Bible Believing, Bible teaching, Bible preaching services.

Since the foundation of the profession, nursing has been regarded as a Christian calling. In modern history, since the early forties, nurses have become a very important auxiliary in the church. They were formed to care for the sick, the poor, to teach and to do church work.

Service to God is serving humanity. Nursing, as a chosen mission, is a calling. A calling is a commission or duty. Those who are called are persons sent by an authority to perform a service, or to propagate religion or spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are missionaries with a compassion for humanity; followers of Christ.

The New Testament mentions two doctrines about a person's calling or profession. The first is the call to lead a life worthy of a Christian, blameless in the church, the community and the family. Peter proclaimed that Christians are a Royal Priesthood. Each of you is a priest, a minister to those in need.

The nurse does not think of herself as someone on a higher ethical plane than a secretary. The requirements of moral living are basically the same in all professions of service.

Second, Christian's gifts and talents vary from person to person and should be used in the service of the Lord. All people have talent. Whatever your talent is, use it to the glory of God. Walk worthy in the way of God's call.

Upon doing a little research of the Holy Bible, I found the word "nurse" mentioned about eight times. There may be others, but a church nurse, first, should be a Christian person. When the need for a nurse arises, the church nurse does not stop to see who it is. A nurse sees that one of God's children needs her help, and with God, she shall help that person. 

The church nurse shows her image of God through serving God's people. One of the best ways to serve is to live a life filled with God's spirit. This is the highest form of service. It is clear from the Scriptures that the position of a nurse, when one was wanted, was one of honor and importance. 


Let the garments be always white, and church what is nicer than putting on a crisp, white uniform? White is a symbol of peace, supposedly to soften the heart of the conqueror. White is associated with cleanness and purity. White represents the angelical. As it is written in the book of Revelation, "They shall walk with me in white, those who prove themselves worthy."

For the Christian nurse, your fresh, crisp, white uniform is no whiter than your heart, cleansed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. You have another uniform: a robe of righteousness. No long years of studying and hard work were required for this robe, because Christ died for you on the cross. All you had to do was trust Him and receive Him as your Savior. He clothed you with His righteousness, as with a garment white and clean.

WATER (and every time you give someone a glass of water I think) 

Blessings for services rendered as a nurse comes as your reward. When you give someone a cold glass of water, I am reminded of that scripture that states, "Whosoever shall give a cold cup of water to drink in Jesus name shall not lose his reward." A cold cup of water does not seem like much but the Lord Jesus promised a reward just for giving a cold drink of water. In biblical days, sharing a cup of water was a sign of unselfishness. (Running water was precious and a trek to the well was a daily chore.)

A church nurse is just, loves kindness, and walks humbly, dedicated, versed in nursing. She has compassion for humanity, an example of holiness, forgetting self and does as Jesus did doing good and comforting others. The church nurse speak with a soft voice at all times and always teach the will of God, and encourage, when giving help. The infirmities of the weak are to be borne by the strong. The church nurse will go that last mile of the way, just as Jesus did. And, nurses, continue to go that last mile until you hear Jesus say to you, my good and faithful servant enter into my joy. May God Bless all Nurses.

All things are possible to him that believeth!

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