Mother's Ministry

Jesus said that whoever does the will of God is His mother. Who is a mother? Should those without a mother miss out on the joys of having a mother because their earthly mothers are no longer with us? No, in the Church of God we have access to many mothers. These women are their mothers too.  

Church Mothers have prayed for us and over us, anointed us with oil, cooked for us, given us encouragement, and bragged on us. That sounds like a mother, doesn't it? Church mothers in the Spirit, has adopted us. 

Paul, in 1 Tim 5:2, tells us to treat the elder women in the church as mothers. With more than just a respect issue, we are to love them and if we are without earthly mothers to seek motherly guidance from them. If we are to treat them as mothers, that takes in everything that goes with motherhood.

That also puts some responsibilities on the elder women. In the Bible, Paul tells Titus what the character and the responsibilities of the aged women should be. 

The whole concept of the aged is that these women are experienced and wise. Not every woman with silver hair is wise or walking in holiness. The whole issue is that the most experienced and most godly women are to teach the inexperienced and spiritually immature. There must be spiritual discernment.

The aged women must be walking in holiness or there is no sense in them teaching the younger women. In a time where few seem to know what is a right, godly women with such knowledge are sorely needed in every church. 

In 2 Tim 1:7, we are told that God has given us a sound mind versus a spirit of fear. The idea is of discipline and self-control.  

Elder women were around long before charm schools. They would teach a girl how to become a proper woman. They prepared ladies to live in reality and how to handle the school of hard knocks. We need women leaders like that again. The elder women are to teach the younger to love.  

The elder women are to teach the younger to be keepers at home. No one will love and care for your child like you do or should.

The term keeper means a guard. The mother guards the home in many ways. Her focus is what will make the home all that it should be. She guards her home by the domestic chores making it a fit place for her family and herself to live. She guards it by protecting, teaching, and ministering to the true valuables of the home, her children. She guards it by her fidelity to her family. She guards it by her support and love of her family. 

Her focus is always on what is best for her home and its safety.


Morning Star Freewill Baptist Church
1528 E. 20th Street - Jacksonville, Florida - 32206
Elder David L. Brown, Pastor