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Morning Star Freewill Baptist Church is recognized by the Federal Government as a 501 (C) (3) public charitable organization. 

Thank you for considering supporting our growing ministry by becoming a supporting partner! 

Since the inception of Morning Star, people across the country have encouraged and assisted the inclusive ministry of Morning Star Freewill Baptist Church. We have provided inspiration and been a model to fellow churches. We've been a sanctuary for individuals - lay and clergy - who have crossed paths in this place and then been called elsewhere. We've been, especially through God's use of the Internet, a growing witness to individuals seeking fellowship and support who will never be able to worship with us. In short, we are a local church with a growing sense of community.

We developed a category of partnership with the Morning Star community called "Supporting Partner" to adequately capture this sense of connections - old and new - beyond our worshiping community. This provides a formal way for individuals to be in long-distance partnership with us in a variety of ways. As we begin each year. we anticipate blessings in these aspects of Supporting 

Supporting Partners contribute to our ministry by:
  • Praying faithfully for our events and people; 
  • Giving financial gifts as led; 
  • Additional strategies as led by our creative God. 

If you'd like to become a supporting partner you can contact us via mail, phone or email:

​Morning Star Freewill Baptist Church
1528 East 20th Street Jacksonville, Florida

Email: Morning Star Freewill Baptist Church

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